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SystemsForce - project management and budget calculations using innovative technology

  • We work hard all year, but does it really worth it? Can we tell today or do we have to wait until the end of the year when we summarize our post-up notes?
  • How much does it cost for us, in what jobs can we be competitively effective and which ones are we expensive?
  • Do we have good unit prices?
  • I have a couple of employees, do they all work effectively? Do they get the right salary that matches their workload and qualifications?
  • How do I manage my jobs?
  • Do I know where am I at with timing and budgetwise? Or I have to wait until it is finished and then be surprised?
  • Do I record working hours precisely? And the extra work that is outside of my contract? Do I use any software for it like Excel or record it on paper?


If you have similar questions and problems, we have some good news! SystemsForce can be the tool you might need! Our system is a special software developed towards the need to help with your budget, project and workflow management! A cost effecive way to organize your efforts, save money and spend most of your time with effective work instead of trying to get across piles of wrinkled paper to find out what is going on...


What do I need for this?
Basically a cell phone with internet access...
...and SystemsForce is ready to go!


Here are a couple of functions you can use:


  • Complete job and materials management.
  • Project management and job recording using  machinery, groups, materials.
  • Continuous and up to date budget and project completion.
  • Precise price and budget calculation.
  • Communication tool for your employees
  • Statistical, budget analysis, project archives for later process





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